Monday, August 16, 2010

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FREE Business 1 - How Would You Like to Own A FREE Business Named the PSI Sales System? This business will give you all your needed products and services to do all your sales and marketing for REVup31 and our 3 FREE Businesses. You Can Earn From $1,000 to $5,000 Residual Income and More Plus Start Up Bonuses!

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FREE Business 3 - How Would You Like To Own A FREE Advanced Business Training System With A Big Income? You will learn all there is know about setting up you own business and doing it to earn the largest profits possible. You Can Earn an Income of $1,000 to $5,000 per position and earn matching commissions on each of your referrals. You can own The Elite Business Center FREE with many commissions and income streams, all included.

We will set up your sales and marketing system for you, and we will run it monthly by making your sales calls, closing your sales, and building your downline. You will get the business structure absolutely FREE, and we have added 1-2-3 FREE Businesses and Income Streams FREE for each. Now, you will hear what you get when you order your first FREE business The PSI Sales System.

When you join we have you pick out 2 domain names and custom email accounts to fit your needs. You will own your 2 domains and you will own your own 2 custom web sites to begin branding your name on the internet and the creation of your internet persona.

I bet you are thinking I can’t afford this but we are going to make sure you can and will want this service. Our pricing cannot be beat and because we own our own servers and have our own in house IT team to set up your web sites on your domain names. WE will host your accounts FREE for 1 year. We will offer you our graphics team and SEO department to get your web sites just as you want them and placed on all the search engine and directories FREE.

We will charge you only a onetime $99.95 set up fee to have your custom web sites you pick placed on your domain names and propagated all over the internet. Our services or our pricing cannot be beat. You will get first a landing page and you can add as many pages to this starter web site as you wish. We have additional components you can add as well like forums, blogs, Classified ad sites, and all of your own programs, links, and banners. Your second web site will be a copy of our V Lead Generator customized for you and we add a squeeze page for you to market your REVup31 business and our business with it. This is only the start but a big start in deed.